Screenprinting Thermotransfers

How does it work?

1. Send us the file with the design you want to print.
2. You will receive from us thermotransfers with this design.
3. Press the Thermotransfers on textile and ... it’s ready!!!

Thermotransfers are the perfect solution to print by yourself your own designs on textiles.

All you need is our Thermotransfers and a press.

Companies owning cutting plotters for flex foil, with our Thermotransfers can easily expand their offer by multicolor and very detailed prints, which cannot be cut out with a plotter.

Even if you need 1color prints, you can save a lot of time because you do not have to clean up our Thermotransfers.

Internet shops selling t-shirts with prints, can cut their costs simply by ordering our Thermotransfers insead of printed t’shirt.

When you have plain t-shirts and our Thermotransfers, you just press the Thermotransfers on t’shirt and ... send any order immediately.

It greatly reduces the storing and logistics costs.

With our Thermotransfers, you can make your own prints on such articles as: t-shirts, caps, working clothes, umbrellas, sport clothes, bags, backpacks, softshell, PVC raincoats etc.

We send free samples.


Digital Thermotransfers are made with a special cutting-printing plotter, operated directly from a computer thats why is no set up cost.

The main advantage of this technique is the high quality of printing and possibility to print out of any given graphic file.

Digital Transfers, although relatively expensive are very usefull for low quantity.

Combining both Digital and Screenprinting Thermotransfers, you can make very complex prints.

Here is a sample of how to combine Digital Termotransfers with Screen print Termotransfers.


It is the most popular method of printing on t-shirts.

Each color is printed separately and every color requires a separate screen.

We print on 6-colors carousel machines.

Maximum size of the printing area: 39x49 cm.

Minimum order quantity: 30 pieces.


It is used to adorn thicker materials, such as caps, polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, feeces etc.

The cost of digital embroidery does not depend on the number of color but on the number of stiches.

Each embroidery requires setting a separate embroidery program.

We can make quote basis of your design, only.

Fast delivery – is our specialty.