Please send us all your inquiry by email.

All inquiry have to have: name and phone number of the person conducting the project, name of the company, their VAT number and address.

How send the file?

Files up to 20 Mb, can be sent by e-mail.

Files exceeding 20 Mb, can be sent by WeTransfer (free of charge): http://www.wetransfer.com.

How to prepare a file?

How to convert text into curves in CorelDRAW?

Sceenprinting Thermotransfer pressing instructions:

1. Put thermotransfer on the textile (textile should be pressed for a while, before)
2. Press thermotransfer at 155°C for 7 seconds.
3. Open the press carefully ( the transfer won't go up with the press) and peel off the foil on hot.
4. Put a piece of clear transfer foil on the print. It may be that one you just peeled off.
5. Press it again at 155°C for 2 seconds.
6. Open the press carefully.

Here is a sample of how to combine Digital Termotransfers with Screen print Termotransfers.

We print on time!